Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Has it been 2 weeks already?

Once again I find myself wondering where the time has gone!  It's hard to believe it's been so long since I last posted.  We've been keeping ourselves very busy, yet not busy doing unusual or extremely interesting things!  And the interesting and unusual things we have been doing aren't documented with photographs (for example, Zoo Lights!).  But I feel like it's necessary to post *something*, just to make sure the blog doesn't fall into complete disrepair (or something).  So here are some pictures!  We just got new phones which have better cameras than our old phones, so I'm hoping these look slightly better than the candid shots I've recently taken.

This was taken a few mornings ago.  The shirt Dashiell wore to bed got wet (which means there were 3 drops of water on it) and he insisted on changing out of it, so we have this lovely ensemble!  He still looks cute with that big grin, though, so I'll allow it.

That same morning he asked for an apple for breakfast.  This is how he arranged the remains of the apple.  A little OCD?  Possibly. :)

I just took this one last night.  The flash was on and he was a little too close, but he just looked so cute relaxing on the couch in his moose PJs! 

Mostly the things we've been dealing with these days involve sleep.  Dash used to be a great sleeper (and once he actually falls asleep still is), but lately it's been taking 1 - 2 hours for him to fall asleep at night!  Often he's just lying in his bed flipping through a book or talking to himself, so we don't really know how to convince him he should be sleeping instead (I'm not one to fall asleep the instant I go to bed, either, so I do sympathize with an inability to go to sleep!).  Though usually 1 or 2 times a night he'll get out of bed, run around his room, and ask us to change his diaper.  Once again, if his diaper is wet I can't imagine that would be comfortable so we do change it when need be.  The problem is when his diaper isn't wet, he gets out of bed, and he tells us that it is so we'll come in and check!  Sneaky little bugger.  So we're trying to figure out what to do about this.  After Christmas I think we will start potty training since he's showing signs of readiness, but I don't know if that will make this whole sleeping thing better or worse.  Ah well, it will all work out somehow.  I suspect once he drops his afternoon nap he won't have a problem sleeping at night anymore, but right now we all need him to nap!

So that's my not-really-an-update update!  I hope to have a chance to post again before Christmas, but if not, Merry Christmas! :)