Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey Look! We have a 2-week-old!


Aurelia Violet Hanson!!  Born January 7th at 11:24 am, weighing in at an impressive 8 lbs 1 oz and measuring 20-1/2 inches long.  We Weber women like our babies big!  :)

The birth was lengthy but all in all a much better experience than Dashiell's birth - Dashiell's was 30 hours of freaking out about his heart rate dipping, 3 hours of pushing, and an on-call OB who was kind of a jerk.  With Aurelia we opted for an induction a couple of days before her due date, which for the first 17 hours seemed like a really bad idea, until my water finally broke at 3:30 am.  After that everything moved along at a great rate!  And I only had about 30 minutes of pushing (or less - it was about 5 contractions-worth of pushes).  Aurelia looked great from the get-go, even though she had a full knot in her umbilical cord:

A boy scout couldn't have tied a better knot than that!  Yikes!

Everything has been going pretty well with the new little person in our house.  Dashiell loves his new baby sister, though he is still adjusting.  It didn't help that he had pink eye and a nasty cold the first week we were home - poor kid!  But he's been a trouper nonetheless.  He keeps saying, "she's so cute!" and giving her kisses on her head.  It's super sweet!

Sleep has been challenging, of course, but we're surviving!  Aurelia is a very noisy sleeper, so that's going to take a bit of getting used to.  And she is hungry all.the.time.  Seriously, we're cluster feeding almost non-stop, and have even had to supplement with formula to keep her satisfied.  It's crazy!  But she's gaining weight like a champ, and grew an inch last week! 

Alright, here's an inundation of photos of our little girly - enjoy!

Minutes after Aurelia was born.

Daddy and Aurelia in the hospital room.

Chilling in bed.

Dash meeting his sister.

Finally home!

Dashiell, daddy and Aurelia playing Angry Birds.


Dash helping feed his sister.

Getting some important work done!


Quick explanation of her name: Aurelia (rhymes with "Amelia") was my grandma Weber's name.  She passed away when I was in high school, and since then I have always thought that if I had a daughter I would love to give her that name.  My grandma was awesome. 

The original Aurelia