Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sleeping in

Who knew that someday I'd consider a 4:30 am wake-up to be "sleeping in"? Man, we were so spoiled with Dashiell early on. He was a sleep-through-the-night baby from the time he was about a month old. Then it all changed! He started going to bed earlier, which--despite what some sleep authorities claim ("sleep begets sleep" - HA!)--meant that he'd wake up earlier. At first it was a 5 am wake-up, then 4 am, then last week it was 3 am (there was even a 1 am wakeup on Monday--sheesh!)!! Granted he goes back to sleep after he eats but still, I'd gotten used to the old schedule, and I miss it. Today he slept until 4:30 am and I seriously thought to myself "good, he slept in". What?! That's sleeping in now?

I know his sleep schedule will work itself out again--it seems like many babies between 4 and 6 months old go through crummy sleeping cycles. Until then I just have to get used to being sleepy, I guess!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Puppet fun!

On the advice of a fellow blogger I went out and got a puppet for Dashiell yesterday. OMG I didn't expect him to dig it as much as he did! He was totally cracking up whenever he saw it! Usually to get a good laugh out of him we have to physically tickle him in some way, but for some reason he finds his little fire chief puppet to be just as funny as any tickle could be.

Unfortunately Target only had a fire chief and a police officer puppet available--I was hoping for a paramedic. Ah well, we'll get some other paramedic-based toy later on, I'm sure...

Here's yet another crummy-looking video from my phone that I took while we were playing with his new puppet yesterday. Note to any group of people trying to think of a good present for Rick or me in the near future: a real video camera would be sweet. ;-)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another poor-quality video!

It's been a while since I've posted, yet I don't really have any updates on our boy to share. He's still a very smiley kid with lots of energy and lots to say (someday I'll get a baby translator so I can figure out what he's saying...). Feeding him solids is going well--we're still on the rice cereal and he seems to like it, which is good. Since he's so young still I'm not sure when we should introduce other food but since he's happy with the cereal I'm not too concerned about moving on.

Here's another video taken on my phone this week--I had just fed him and was about to eat my own lunch when he started making motor boat sounds. He's a cutie!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yum yum!!

Our little man is growing up so fast! Not only did he spend most of the night in his crib in the nursery last night (instead of the soon-to-be too small bassinet in our bedroom), but we had our first attempt at eating solids this morning! Wow! Tasty rice cereal, in fact. He didn't really seem to know what to do with this weird spoon in his mouth (note the top picture) but all in all he did pretty well with it!

Sleeping in the crib was admittedly long overdue! Our excuse up to this point was that we haven't painted the door for the nursery and wanted to get that done before moving him, but at the rate we're going he'd be sleeping in that bassinet for the next 2 years! So we bit the bullet and put him in his own room. He did great until about 2:30 am, when he decided that he missed us terribly. Our attempts at soothing him and keeping him in the crib failed, and I'm not quite ready to let him cry it out especially since it was his first night sleeping in a new place. We ended up moving him back to the bassinet and kept him close to the bed so he could hold onto my fingers (he was quite distraught by that point! Poor little guy!). We'll try again tonight and hope that we can keep him in the crib even longer.

Sigh. Too soon we'll be sending him off to college... ;-)


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our big little noodle!

We've always thought of Dashiell as being a "long and lean" kind of baby, but today's doctor appointment helped prove our point! Dashiell is currently 14 lbs 5.6 oz--which falls in the 40th percentile for weight--and 26 inched long--which is in the 90th percentile!! He's one tall drink of water! He must get it from the Hanson side of the family--not that us Weber's are particularly short, but Dash's uncle David is pretty dang tall, and if I'm not mistaken so was Grandpa Winthrop (Dashiell's great-grandpa). So that may be one more thing he inherits from that side of the family (along with his stunning smile!). I think I'm going to start calling him "noodle" since he's so long and skinny--which is kind of funny since Rick's old co-worker used to call Rick noodle and me Mrs. noodle. Now we've got a baby noodle!

The appointment went well, despite the barrage of shots our guy had to get. The doctor declared him very advanced for his age and said if he didn't know better he would have guessed Dashiell's to be 6 months old instead of four. Makes a mom proud, even if there's very little we did to influence this so-called "advanced" behavior. I guess we didn't discourage it so maybe we can take some credit.

Today's pictures are of Dash and Rick both sitting cross-legged on the floor--if Rick would have just stuck his hand in his mouth they would have looked nearly identical! The other is of Dashiell in the Bumbo seat we borrowed from a friend. I just liked his expression and the funky thing he's doing with his arms. Heh heh--funny kid!