Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Most Serious Boy on the Carousel

On my last post, I added a picture of Dashiell enjoying his carousel ride in Boston.  Let me tell you, even though he was having a good time, it was SO DIFFICULT to get a picture of him smiling!  Most of the shots came out like these - Rick smiling, Dash looking oh-so-serious. 

It reminded me of a picture of Rick from when he was a little boy, which I like to refer to as "the saddest boy on the carousel":
While Dashiell looks no where near as sad as Rick did, I do think it's funny that they both are so very serious and pensive on what is supposed to be a fun ride!   Like father like son, indeed!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Visit from the Aunties!

A couple of weeks ago we were blessed by a visit from Auntie Lisa and Great-Auntie Diane!   They were only out for the weekend, so we just got a few activities in but there was also much hanging out and chatting and playing pirates and doing all sorts of fun stuff.  Dashiell had a blast!  He loves having live-in playmates!

In addition to hanging out at the house, we did manage to make it into Boston to visit Faneuil Hall.  The Fonz was in town filming a movie (directing?  Acting?  I'm not sure...) and Lisa wanted to see him and say "ayyy!".  We didn't see him, unfortunately (or should I say fortunately for the Fonz!), but we had a good time anyway.
Dashiell got to ride the Carousel near the harbor, which he was very excited about since missed the carnival that was near our house the weekend before (too rainy and thunderstormy). 

He also had a good time climbing on various concrete structures.  He had less of a good time shopping, but he was a trouper!

On Sunday we visited the Butterfly Place in Westford, which was pretty dang cool.  Here is one of the many lovely butterflies we encountered:

Some of them were huge!  There were these gigantic blue butterflies that would fly in front of your face and tickle your nose.  But they were too fast so it was hard to get a good picture of them with a conventional point-and-click camera.
Here's Dashiell looking melancholy in the butterfly garden.  Really, he had a good time, despite what this picture suggests!

And here's D and Auntie Lisa one morning, hamming it up for the camera.  I love that they both have these big cheesy smiles!

After Lisa and Diane left to go back to Minnesota, Dashiell repeatedly commented that "it was nice to have visitors."  Agreed.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New bed!

We bought Dashiell a new twin bed a couple of weeks ago, and it has been a huge hit!  He loves his "big kid" bed, and so do I!  No more crouching nearly to the ground to give goodnight kisses!  However, with the big bed comes a bit of a learning curve...

This is how I found him one afternoon when I was about to wake him up from his nap.  I love the blanket hanging off his foot over the edge of the bed!

Later that night, I went to check on him before I went to sleep:

Yup, that's him, curled up on the floor on top of the piles of pillows and stuffed animals I left next to his bed.  I'm sure he would have been fine if I left him on the floor, but I did feel the need to pick him up and put him back onto his bed.  With barely an eye-flutter!  Solid sleeper, this kid.

I'm happy to report that this was the only time that Dashiell has completely fallen off the bed.  Some day soon we may be able to get rid of those pillows on the floor!

On a side note, check out how bright that flash is in that picture!  This was 11 pm, pitch dark in the room.  One little flash and it's like it's mid-day!  And yes, these two pictures were taken with different cameras (as if you couldn't tell!).

And on a second side note, Rick and I became so envious of Dashiell's new bed that we just went out and bought a new one for us, too!  King size, baby!  I CAN'T WAIT until it's delivered next week.  The room!  The comfort!  The new linens!  Sigh.

New beds are the best.

Catch up!

Yes yes, once again I went a full month without posting anything.  I'm a horrible blogger these days, however it should be noted that until this week work was CRAZY busy, and the last thing I wanted to do at home was type on the computer.  So that's my excuse.  This time.

So this is a catch up post, with plenty of pictures!  

Rick and Dashiell were finally able to go visit the animals at the farm last month (after a very unsuccessful attempt a month prior) and Dashiell discovered this cool rock wall to climb and walk on.  He's been very into climbing on stuff lately.  He was never much of a climber before so this is fun to see!

Dashiell had a great time coloring Easter eggs this year!  We attempted it last year but he only wanted to dunk the eggs for about a second before taking them out.  This year he let the eggs soak a bit longer, however he did feel the need to make sure the eggs were dunked in every color we had.  And by "dunked", I mean "thrown forcefully into the dye cups".  There were quite a few cracked eggs.

Here's D on our way to Easter dinner.  This is one of my favorite pictures of him right now.  Note the knit hat worn with the short sleeved shirt - it was definitely warm enough to go out without a hat on, but Dash insisted.  Can't you picture him being that kid in college who wears a hat every day of the year, regardless of the temperature? 

And here he is that same day, face filthy from playing out in the yard.  Love it!

We were able to get him cleaned up just enough to take a photo of us all together.  This is the best we could do.

The other day at playgroup one of the other kids wanted to do a little work under the snack table.  Dashiell was kind enough to pick up a hammer and help him.  Very industrious of them.

And lastly, this was over at a friends house.  A house that has egg-shaped chalk.  D is obsessed with eggs, so this was awesome.  I personally love how he felt the need to line up all the eggs, so perfectly...

There's a month in the life my my kiddo!  Life is fun, that's for sure!