Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Car ride

Not much time to post these days!  We've been getting prepped for Dashiell's birthday party, cleaning up from all the rain, and busily working!  So I thought I'd post this quick picture from a couple of weeks ago.  D's been "driving" his car around the house a lot lately, but still hasn't figured out how to drive without standing up. :) He also loves driving around with his Yertle the turtle.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Video post issues

Alright, so I've been having issues with the previous post, a cute video of Dashiell playing with his new ABC magnets at his Nana's house. I tried sending it from my phone and it bounced back to me, then this morning it magically vanished from my phone! But thankfully I found it in my "sent items" folder so I uploaded it to photobucket. Then I posted it here, tried to edit it so I could give it a proper title, and the video file did something weird and wouldn't play anymore. So now I posted it again and am not going to touch it!

So, long story short, check out the video posted earlier today of Dashiell at Nana Hanson's house. That's Nana Hanson and Papa Jack (D's great-grandfather) in the background. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday Dashiell and I had the privilege of babysitting his friend Crispin for a couple of hours while his mom (the fabulous Meghan Moore of Megpix Photography) had to work. Dashiell thought it was great fun to have his friend over, although he was a little miffed that C's mom didn't stay longer, and asked for her a couple of times right after she left. I think Crispin missed his mom too much to have as good of a time as Dashiell did (he said all of about 2 words the whole 2 hours he was over), but the boys played pretty well together regardless.

Dashiell's pretty good about sharing his toys, though we did have one instance of "MINE!" that got a little hairy. Dashiell picked out his Simpson's school bus to play with, set it down for a second, and instantly Crispin grabbed it! I asked Dashiell if it was okay if Crispin played with the bus for a bit, and he could have it back in a few minutes, but Dashiell wasn't having any of that! His eyes welled up with tears and he kept saying "Dashiell's bus!", so I tried to ask Crispin if Dash could have it back. He just stood there, holding the bus, not playing with it but guarding it with all his might. As I mentioned earlier, he was wordless that day so he didn't say no but he definitely didn't say yes either. So I suggested that maybe Dashiell could play with Crispin's puppy until C was done with the bus, and Crispin immediately grabbed his puppy as if he were saving it from a fate worse than death! I then tried distracting Dashiell by asking if he wanted to play with his zoo with me, to no avail. More tears, more frustration. Finally I asked Crispin if he wanted to play in Dashiell's Cozy Coupe, and when he started walking toward the car I told him he could only play in the car if he gave Dashiell the bus. Finally he handed it over! The lure of the car was too great! Dirty trick? Maybe, but it worked. :)

It was a bit challenging to make dinner while two active toddlers were running around the house, especially since we have an old colonial-style house that is anything but an open design--if I'm in the kitchen I can't see what's going on in the living room at all! Plus we've got doors between the rooms, which little guys can't help but want to shut. Hard. While other little guys are right there with them. I was amazed (and thankful!) that neither of them got their fingers crushed. I was able to distract them from the doors for a little while by asking them to help make dinner (Dashiell said they were making "sauce"--he must have gotten that from his Nana Hanson!), but it was short-lived.

The 2 hours Crispin was with us passed super-fast! I couldn't believe it when it was almost time to bring him home. He is welcome to come over and play with us anytime! I only hope the next time Crispin visits he feels up to chatting a little more. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Photos

There's not much to report in the Weber/Hanson household--mostly just recovering from various illnesses and starting to prepare for Dashiell's 2nd birthday (!!). But I wanted to post a few photos I've taken recently anyway, so that's what this post is!

This first photo I like to call, "if you won't take off my shirt to wash it, I'll just get into the laundry basket with it on". This was right after lunch one day, and I had to do a little spot cleaning of his shirt. I guess that wasn't good enough for him! I personally love the static-spikes in his hair. :)

This next one was taken the day before the face plant on the sidewalk. I pointed out the crocus buds coming up in the dirt, and Dashiell was fascinated by them! I think he thought the flowers would be blooming any moment...sorry kiddo, they'll bloom soon but not quite yet.

Here's a picture from our first spring day in the park! It was very exciting to finally get to play near the big rock again. I think the last time we were there was early November--it had been too long!

The last photo is Dashiell being silly again. He was trying to bury his head in this clothe book that he received when he was a baby. Prior to this he was wearing it around his torso like a sash. He's a funny kid, that Dashiell of mine!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This morning I decided to wear an old locket that belonged to my mom. On one side of the locket is a picture of my sisters playing on a beach, circa 1975. On the other side is the above picture of me from right around the same time. Dashiell was fascinated by the locket--it's a big piece of jewelry, and very ornate on the outside--so I decided to open it up for him to show him the pictures. I pointed to the photo of me and asked him, "do you know who this is?". He answered, "Dashiell!" "No no," I said, "that's not Dashiell, that's mommy!" Then I took a closer look at the picture and holy Hanna it does look like Dashiell! Put 2-year-old me in a cotton t-shirt and we'd be twins!
So I guess this answers the question "who does Dashiell resemble most," at least for the time being. As a young baby he looked more like Rick, I think, but with a Weber-shaped head.
I suspect the resemblances will bounce between Rick and I for the rest of Dashiell's life--I'm sure sometime in the near future he'll start looking more like his dad again! But I have to say I'm secretly pleased that my kiddo looks so much like me right now. :)

Rough Week for Little D

Actually it was a rough week plus a couple of all started the Friday before last, when our young lad was home with his dad for the morning, innocently playing in the living room when--whoops! He tripped! But he didn't just trip, he tripped and put his head through the glass door of the entertainment center! I am soooo thankful for safety glass, let me tell you! He ended up being fine, just a few small scratches, no loss of consciousness or major cuts or anything serious, but from what Rick tells me he was beside himself! Mad that he bumped his head, mad that the door broke, mad that there was little pieces of glass everywhere...poor guy! And poor Rick! I am personally thankful I wasn't around for it--I probably would have been crying right along with Dashiell!

Then there was a break in the action. Nothing major happened until Thursday night, when at about 12:30 am I hear Dashiell wake up and start screaming! I'm thinking he's probably just had a bad dream, so I go into his room to comfort him. No bad dream, he threw up. Ewwww. So I clean him up, change his sheets, read him a story, put him back to sleep, and start a load of laundry. 45 minutes later he's screaming again, I go into his room and yup, he's thrown up again. This goes on until about 3:30 am, every 45 minutes or so. After the 3rd time he's thrown up I call Rick, who was working an overnight shift in Boston, and request that he come home since I have no idea how many more times I'm going to have to comfort and clean up our little guy. Thankfully right after Rick comes home Dashiell goes back to sleep until about 8 am. He's fine all day long, no more throwing up, and he even eats a fairly normal lunch and dinner.

Our next incident occurs on Saturday. Dashiell and I are hanging out in the back yard after going to the gym, running around and having a good time. I suggest to him that we go for a walk around the block, so he starts to run at me and--whoops again! Trips. On the sidewalk. Landing on his face. As you can see from the pictures I've included here, he scraped himself up pretty well. The brunt of the damage was to his nose--I didn't even notice the scrapes on his head until well after he stopped crying. But once again, poor guy! He was so upset, and I felt so bad for him! We spent the rest of the morning reading on the couch and laying low. And after a good nap, he felt right as rain.

Then comes Saturday night/Sunday morning. 2:45 am, he throws up AGAIN. But he goes right back to sleep after we clean him up, so we're hoping it's a fluke. Oh no, he spend the whole day throwing up. Turns out the virus that got him on Thursday night wasn't actually out of his system, it was just taking a 2-day vacation. I ended up bringing him to the pediatrician yesterday, who declared him otherwise healthy but needing to get that virus through his system. It could still be another day or two before it's completely gone, although he hasn't thrown up again since Sunday night. We spent most of yesterday doing very little, though we did walk down to the park where he once again tripped and this time scraped up the back of his hand. Sigh. I guess we need to stock up on band-aids this spring...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goof ball


I don't have any new pictures to post so here's one from a few weeks ago, pre-haircut. I love the expression on Dashiell's face in this photo!

D is getting goofier and goofier the older he gets. He still loves being tickled, but he also loves making us laugh, too! The other morning as I was getting ready for work, he was running around upstairs yelling STINKY BUM!!! as loud as he could, despite the fact that he had no stinky bum. When Rick came home from work that morning I told him all about it, and Dashiell picked up the thread and started yelling STINKY BUM!!! again, and according to Rick was doing it all day long. Because really, what's funnier than stinky bums?

Later on that night we were sitting around watching Wheel of Fortune (or possibly Jeopardy--we're fans of game shows at our house), and Rick was lying on the couch covered by a blanket. Dashiell kept crawling under the blanket with him and sprawling right on top of him, then he'd get out from under the blanket and wait for Rick to poke his hand out and tickle him. Then he'd crawl under once again and start the whole cycle over. I caught a small part of it on video--

He's just so much fun to be around! Gotta love this kiddo...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!!

Excuse my singing, but we decided to celebrate our favorite author's birthday!  Yertle and Pop joined us for cake and candles, followed by a viewing of Green Eggs and Ham.  Fun was had by all!