Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sensitive, or just discerning?

A few weeks ago we were all in the kitchen eating breakfast and listening to the oldies channel on the radio (much safer lyrics than the "alternative" station we used to listen to!).  The song "Bridge over Troubled Waters" came on, and about 30 seconds after it started Dashiell got all teary-eyed and sad.  I asked him what happened and why he was upset, and he said, "I don't like this song!"  Now, as someone who had to sing this song in 8th grade choir and who always had a hard time getting through it without getting a little teary, I totally understood.  We have a sensitive guy, of course he would respond to a kind of sad song with tears.

Like mother, like son?

This morning, however, we were listening to the same station and Donna Summer's "Last Dance" came on - definitely an upbeat, disco-dancing tune.  And he came up to me in tears, so very sad.  "I don't like this song!" was his response yet again when asked what was wrong.  Hmm.  So maybe it's not so much that he's sensitive, but that he just doesn't like the music of the 70's!