Thursday, March 29, 2012

Redesign, baby!

Finally - FINALLY - I have renamed and (slightly) redesigned the blog!  Still trying to work out a few kinks but it's good enough for now! 

Does this mean I'll be posting more than I have been?  Only time will tell, and if I was a betting woman I'd probably bet against it (I know myself pretty well...), but my hope is that I will be.  The renaming/redesign was hanging over my head and I was feeling a bit mired down by it.  And by the fact that I had birth announcements and thank you's to send out, which I finally did the other day (mostly - I still have a few cards to address).  So odds are I could possibly maybe post just a bit more.  Perhaps. ;)

Anyway, I hope you like the new look!  I kept the same background image because it's the coolest free design available through blogger and I was too lazy to find anything else, but I did get rid of all the side bar pictures - they seemed to be clogging up the works.  And I hope you like the new name!  No longer just the Dashiell Diaries, it was time to add Ms. Aurelia to the mix!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Ack!  Where has the time gone?  Oh yeah, I have no time anymore!  But right at this moment both kiddos are napping, the house is not out of control (though I could be folding laundry instead of writing, I'll admit that much), and I'm ready for tomorrow - my first full day back at work, yikes!  So I'm going to quickly throw some pictures up here just so I can claim to still be a blogger! 

Aurelia is 8 weeks old - 8 weeks!!  And she's starting to look like a real person now, not just a wrinkly newborn.  She's smiling and making cute noises, and Dashiell was able to calm her down today by shaking a rattle, which was a first!  And which he was so excited about.  He still likes being a big brother and is always very concerned about his little sister, but there are days (um, today maybe?) when he definitely feels like he needs more attention and is super demanding. This will pass, right?  I sure hope so! 

Anyway, here are those pictures I promised!

Aurelia at one month old - I love how she just lost her sock and seems so pleased with herself!

My mom came to visit and we got a couple of good pictures of her with the kids - she was so happy to be able to visit, and we were sooooo happy to have her here!

Here she is making train tracks out of dominoes with Dashiell (in the most convenient spot ever, right in the doorway):

And here she is holding Aurelia in the kitchen:

And here's Dashiell showing off his accordion skills to her:

We also had Aurelia's baptism when mom was out here - we were much more on top of it this time around (Dash was something like 5 months old when he was finally baptized). 

Here she during the baptism:

And here we are with her Godparents, uncle David and soon-to-be aunt Lindsay:

Last but not least, one of my favorite pictures of Aurelia, where she shows off her lovely smile!

 It's the first smile I caught on camera!  Yay!

Sorry this post is short on content - at some point I'm sure I'll have more time to write about all the other stuff that's going on, like how Aurelia slept for 6.5 hours the other night (miracle!), and how Dashiell's favorite thing to ask is "what are you laughing about?"  Which he asks about 100 times a day.  Seriously.  It manages to be both funny and super annoying at the same time, in that way that only an almost 4-year-old can do.  But hey, at least you know that we're still laughing a lot around here!