Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Haircut!

My little man got his first haircut this weekend! Aww!! He handled it like a champ, and in fact I think he might have been a little too excited to get a haircut. He woke up super early in the morning (have you seen 4:30 am lately? It's not pretty), and I'm almost positive he did not go back to sleep. Thankfully he just chattered to himself and flipped through his books for a couple of hours until I got up with him. Then when it was time to go I think we just weren't moving fast enough for him! I tried to take his picture with Rick and this is what I got:

Dash and Daddy before the big haircut--not looking promising!

At this point I thought we were doomed for major meltdowns! But once we got in the car he was just fine, and kept saying "heckup" (haircut) and "kippers buzzzz" (clippers buzz). We went to my hair salon, and my stylist, Rhonda, let Dashiell explore the salon a little before sitting him in the chair. He loved the sink with the shower sprayer:

What the heck's up with this sink?

Check out how long his hair looks in that picture! Yes, it was definitely time to get rid of the mullet.

After getting him settled in the big chair and putting the fish cape on him, Rhonda let him play with one of her combs...

I can comb my own hair, thanks.

Then a fluffy brush...


Then a hair clip...


He even got to check out her clippers!


His new haircut turned out pretty cute!

Ta-da!  All done!

AND he ate his first lollipop that day!

The best part about a haircut?  Lollipops!

We only had one very slight instance of tears right when the haircut started, but other than that he was cool as a cucumber. Rhonda even asked us, "does he always handle new experiences so well?" I chalk it up to the book we picked up from the library a couple of weeks earlier that explained the whole haircut process. Honestly it wasn't the best book I've ever read but it did the trick! I think it comforted him to know what was going to happen, and what all the tools were used for, and that it wouldn't hurt. Of course it could also just be that Dashiell is a comparatively easy going kid. We're definitely lucky on that front! And doesn't he look so handsome now?

Back home, looking handsome

Friday, February 19, 2010


Dash just cracks me up sometimes! The other evening he and I were in the kitchen making dinner while Rick was upstairs working on the computer. When dinner was almost ready, I called up to Rick to let him know that he should come down soon. The next thing I know, Dashiell's calling out "Rick! Rick! Rick!" I guess he was hungry and wanted daddy to come downstair as soon as possible! He kept on saying it until Rick came down, then we tried to explain that daddy's other name is Rick, but that he should still call him daddy. Not that it made a lick of difference--I think it was just too fun saying "Rick!"

Rick was home with him yesterday and had to make a quick dash upstairs for something, and swears he heard Dashiell call out "Rick!" from the bottom of the stairs...

A couple new photos that have nothing to do with the above story. We bought Dashiell a new table and chairs at Ikea on Sunday, and he's been having a great time playing with them! Here he is on Monday morning, moving the chair around to figure out it there was some way to sit in the chair and his little car at the same time:

Another eating at the big table picture--he's trying to stab a pea with his fork. This happens quite often now, where he'll spend most of dinner stabbing individual vegetables or pieces of fruit in an attempt to eat them. Meals take much longer these days!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dinner at the big table

We just discovered that Dashiell's high chair will lower enough to allow him to eat at the kitchen table. He's been having a grand time eating at the big table! Unfortunately it doesn't work at the dining room table, but we'll figure something else out there.

As you can see he's still not 100% comfortable with a fork yet, but he keeps on trying!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010


Dashiell liked his friend Sophie's big kid bed a bit too much during our visit this weekend...which prompted Sophie's dad to tell them to each keep one foot on the floor at all times.  As you can see, they are already ignoring parental rules.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oldie but goodie

I haven't downloaded (uploaded?) and pictures from our camera in the past couple of weeks, and Dash doesn't stay still long enough to get good pics on my phone, so I'm going with an oldie for today's picture!  This was taken when Dashiell was about 6 or 7 weeks old, when we had been trying for a couple of weeks to get a good picture of his smile.  This was the best we could get!  A little gummy half-smile, but I love it!  His hair still looked red back then, and I swear he had the most perfectly shaped head.  Such a cute guy!  I also love that his crib bumper is upside down--a reflection of the crazy, upside-down world of taking care of a newborn. :)

So after being sick for most of January, the Weber Hanson household might actually all be well at the same time!  I know I shouldn't say anything--I'm probably jinxing it--but it's just such a good feeling to not be either wiping Dashiell's nose or blowing my own (or listening to Rick and/or Dashiell cough all night long).  Plus the whole part where Dashiell would cough until he puked was REALLY getting old.  Even when it was obvious that he was not sick and just had a little coughing left to do, I feared taking him out in public--who wants their kid to throw up in the middle of Target?  Not me, thank you very much.  On a side note, it was confirmed that I am the culprit who passed along her low gag reflex to Dashiell--I had to get teeth impressions made last week and nearly threw up on the technicians.  So I feel for my son, really.  I just don't want to clean up after him anymore.

We're hoping to spend some time socializing with friends and family this weekend, since we've had to cancel plans the past 2 weekends.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!