Sunday, January 20, 2008

3 am...

Ugh. It's 3 am and for some reason I'm awake. I hate not being able to sleep. It's been a few weeks since I last had any serious bouts of insomnia but for some reason tonight it's back. I just couldn't get comfortable and my mind wouldn't shut off. Maybe if I practiced my hypnobirthing relaxation techniques more I wouldn't have this problem. Or maybe my body is just getting ready for all the late-night feedings that lie ahead. At least I don't have very much planned for tomorrow so in theory I could take as many naps as necessary to make up for the sleep I'm missing now.

We picked up our crib today (THANK YOU Jeanne and Rich!). Tomorrow we'll go through the box to make sure all the parts are there, but we probably won't put it together for a few weeks. I think the plan is to set it up in our bedroom since we'll want the baby with us at night for the first few months and getting a bassinet seems wasteful (as does a moses basket, and I'll only do a co-sleeper if I for some reason end up needing a c-section--both Consumer Reports and Baby Bargains are in agreement that co-sleepers are not as safe as they could be...).

Oh, we had another unplanned ultrasound this week. I called my OB on Weds. to ask if I should be concerned about the pressure I was feeling at the bottom of my belly, and her answer was essentially yes. She told me to go on bedrest for a day or two and get an ultrasound as soon as I could the next day. Everything ended up being fine--my cervix is long and closed and my amniotic fluid was at a good level. What I was feeling most likely was growing pains, which is what I suspected all along. But better safe then sorry! Plus we got to see the baby yawn on the ultrasound which was pretty dang cute. I think he has Rick's nose. :-)

Well, I think I'll read for a while and see if I can get back to sleep. Pleasant dreams everyone--


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