Sunday, April 13, 2008

One week one day!

Hi everyone! We've passed the one-week-old mark--whew! :-) It's been quite an adjustment, but we all seem to be doing well. Of course, it helps that mom is in town, keeping our house clean and our yard raked and making us banana bread, while I spend nearly every waking hour feeding our hungry hungry hippo. Who would of thought that someone with such a small stomach could eat so much?

Aunt Lisa just arrived yesterday as well, and she is quite smitten with little Dash. But really, look at him--who wouldn't be smitten? ;-)

Congrats to Phil, the winner of the expectnet guessing game--though I admit I cursed him mightily when I first saw his guess. Guess he showed me, eh?

I'll post more when I get the chance--


1 comment:

Sherry said...

He is so amazing! I am glad you have some Minnesotans there to get him saying "You bet" a.s.a.p.!