Monday, July 7, 2008

3 months old!

Our little guy turned 3 months old this past Saturday! Wow, he's a quarter of a year old--how'd that happen already??

We had a great weekend! 4th of July party on Friday (including a 2 hour nap!) followed by fireworks in Wakefield--Dash watched intently and only got startled once during a particularly loud boom. Saturday we stuck close to home but had friends over for dinner and celebratory cupcakes. Sunday we went on a hike followed by ice cream. Yum!

Today's pictures are of Dashiell on his 3 month birthday, and Dashiell with his new friend Crispin. At the time of the picture Dash was twice as old as Crispin (12 wks vs. 6 wks). Cute cute cute!

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