Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our big little noodle!

We've always thought of Dashiell as being a "long and lean" kind of baby, but today's doctor appointment helped prove our point! Dashiell is currently 14 lbs 5.6 oz--which falls in the 40th percentile for weight--and 26 inched long--which is in the 90th percentile!! He's one tall drink of water! He must get it from the Hanson side of the family--not that us Weber's are particularly short, but Dash's uncle David is pretty dang tall, and if I'm not mistaken so was Grandpa Winthrop (Dashiell's great-grandpa). So that may be one more thing he inherits from that side of the family (along with his stunning smile!). I think I'm going to start calling him "noodle" since he's so long and skinny--which is kind of funny since Rick's old co-worker used to call Rick noodle and me Mrs. noodle. Now we've got a baby noodle!

The appointment went well, despite the barrage of shots our guy had to get. The doctor declared him very advanced for his age and said if he didn't know better he would have guessed Dashiell's to be 6 months old instead of four. Makes a mom proud, even if there's very little we did to influence this so-called "advanced" behavior. I guess we didn't discourage it so maybe we can take some credit.

Today's pictures are of Dash and Rick both sitting cross-legged on the floor--if Rick would have just stuck his hand in his mouth they would have looked nearly identical! The other is of Dashiell in the Bumbo seat we borrowed from a friend. I just liked his expression and the funky thing he's doing with his arms. Heh heh--funny kid!

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