Thursday, September 4, 2008

Comments on a 5-month-old

Our little guy turns 5 months old tomorrow! Many people have told me that now is the time when babies are the most fun, and I have to say that so far I agree. Dashiell is so active and responsive and genuinely happy to see people, plus it seems like every day he discovers something new which is pretty cool to witness. He is a fun kid to be around, and I definitely look forward to seeing what's to come.
I thought I'd include a couple of the pictures Aunt Lisa orchestrated from this weekend. I think she wanted to make him look all white-trashy. I've been assured that Dashiell did not actually drink anything from Lisa's glass, which I can safely believe since Dash didn't nap any better than usually (that is to say, hardly at all) that day. The cleavage shot just proves that Dashiell is all man. Guess he knows what he likes!

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