Saturday, February 21, 2009

Step, two, three, four!

Alright so far we have no video evidence of this, but Dashiell has officially taken his first steps! Rick says he noticed him taking about 2 steps on his own on Tuesday, then on Wednesday I saw 3 steps and my friend Michele saw 4!! Today he was up to at least 6! And to top it off he also stood up without using an aid (such as the ottoman or me) TWICE today! Our boy's growing up so fast!!

He was in a MOOD today, though. Poor guy--I think he's teething like crazy. First off he's been on a pseudo-nursing strike, where he either won't nurse at all or he'll nurse for all of 3 minutes then refuse any more. This has been going on since right around Wednesday but has gotten worse in the past day or so. Then today he was also drooling like nobody's business and was so grumpy! He cried for about a half an hour before his afternoon nap for no apparent reason. This is SOOO not like him--normally he only cries for short bursts and then can be distracted, but nothing was distracting him. We broke down and let him have his pacifier pre-nap, even though we try to reserve it for crib or car use only. Thankfully he woke up from his nap in a much better mood, but still it was apparent that he just wasn't feeling like himself today. Poor little pookie!

Despite his off-day, I still was able to take a cute photo of Dash and Rick in the living room. This was about 2 minutes prior to the crying jag.

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