Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy belated mom's day!

Just a little late with this one! I was going to post on mother's day but the one primo time I had to blog I decided would be better spent reading and relaxing. Gotta take it while you can! :)

We had a lovely Mother's Day! I got to sleep in a little while Rick fed Dashiell breakfast, then Rick made blueberry pancakes--yum! Dashiell gave me a gift card to get a mani-pedi and some lovely tulips. Such a smart boy to know exactly what mommy wanted! Later we had dinner over at Rick's parents' house with all the relatives. It was a good day!

Not much planned for this weekend, though a neighbor his having a big yard sale on Saturday so Dash and I might have to make our way over there after breakfast. Hair cut scheduled for me as well, which is desperately needed! Other than that we've just got a little yard work and hanging out to do. All fun stuff!

Speaking of hanging out, I thought I'd share a couple photos of Dashiell lounging in the living room after dinner the other night. His pant got wet at the park earlier and it was warm enough to go pants-free, so we went with it:



Have a great weekend!

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