Friday, July 10, 2009

15 month appointment

Our little guy isn't so little anymore! We had his 15 month Dr. appointment yesterday, and his weight gain is off the charts! Well, off the charts for him--we saw the little graph showing a nice even upward gain for height and head circumference, but his weight totally spiked! I knew he was getting heavy but I never expected that--he still looks so svelte! Well, ok, his belly does stick out but the rest of him still looks long and lean, really! :) No cause for concern, though--according to those growth-chart things, at 27 lb. 8 oz., he's between 75 - 90% weight. He's now 31.5" tall, too. Not too shabby! The above picture was taken about a month ago, but it illustrates his round belly nicely, don't you think?

We've confirmed his fear of enclosed spaces, which I suspected a couple of weeks ago when he suddenly decided he didn't like elevators. He's been in elevators a million times before, but one day he freaked out as soon as the doors closed. Then it happened again. And again. :( Then at yesterday's appointment he started crying as soon as the nurse closed the door to the exam room and wouldn't stop until we switched to a room with a window. Now, as someone who doesn't particularly care for small enclosed spaces too much herself, I completely understand this. But it does make things difficult, and I hope this fear of enclosed spaces does not translate to fear of airplanes since we have a trip to MN planned for mid-August. That could be pretty miserable for us and for anyone sitting near us. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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