Friday, September 11, 2009

Sit! Sit!


Dashiell's latest craze is sitting in chairs. Which doesn't sound all that exciting, but he thinks it's the bee knees! He'll go up to whatever chair is nearest, clear it off, pat the top of it and say "Sit! Sit!", all with a huge, expectant smile (unless you don't realize that's what he wants, at which point the smile turns into a furrowed-brow, and the "Sit!" becomes more urgent and often whiney). So we plop him into the chair, he grins and claps, and he's happy there for a minute or so. If we remember to give him a book or toy, or if the Wheel is on TV, we might even get a couple minutes of sitting! He's figured out how to get down from nearly any chair--the only exception being not a chair but our bed, which is high enough off the ground that even my feet don't touch the floor when I'm sitting on it--but is still working on getting up by himself. I suspect that will happen pretty soon, especially once he realizes that he could use his little step stool to make himself taller. Currently his little legs don't quite reach on their own, and he's never been one to use his arms to climb on anything.

The pictures are of our little guy enjoying one of his "peek-a-boo" books in the rocker in his bedroom. The rocker is an extra fun chair to sit in since it MOVES. Wow!


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