Thursday, October 29, 2009

Found it!

AhHA! I found the camera cord! It was in the file cabinet next to the computer...I'd blame that on Dashiell but I'm pretty sure the other male member of our family put it there and forgot that he did it. But that's just my theory...

Unfortunately after uploading my photos I noticed that most of them were kind of crummy, so here's the sad collection of the least crummy of them:

Dashiell and I went to a Halloween party at the school where he takes yoga classes, and had a costume "theme"--he was a cat burglar, I was a cat! I look a little weird in this first photo but D looks more cat burglary in this one than in the the next picture is a bit fuzzy.

I love D's face when he laughs! What a funny guy!

My original costume idea for him was a star, which I started making for him a couple of weeks ago out of gold felt. I did a test run of it before doing any sewing, and Dash HATED it. Tried to rip it off his body, and didn't like the little pointy hat at all! But the background for the costume was the black turtleneck and black sweatpants, so I picked up the black knit hat for a buck at Target and we were set! He'll actually be wearing a different costume on Halloween, which I just decided on this week and scrambled to get the last of it together yesterday. It's less dependent on me being dressed as a cat to understand what he's supposed to be...


I was trying to get a picture of Dashiell holding the little pumpkin he received at the halloween party, since he's been carrying that thing around all over the house for the past 2 weeks. We watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on Sunday night, and when Dashiell saw the pumpkin patch he said "punkee" and ran over to the table to get his pumpkin. So the next day I tried to get a picture, and it made him so unhappy! Ah well...

I bought Dashiell this big floppy monkey from a garage sale a month or so ago, and he loves rolling around on it:

Anything plush and this kid's in over the moon! :)
Hope you enjoyed my little photo show! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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