Thursday, November 19, 2009

The fine line between loving a book and destroying it

Our boy is a book-lover, and that is something I couldn't be happier about. He loves it when we read to him, he loves flipping through books on his own, he just loves books. However, sometimes love comes at a cost. Take the book that he's reading in the above photo, "Tails". It's a fun book with fold-out flaps, fuzzy and shiny bits, and things that move. Everything you could ever want in a book. Now take a look at the next picture of this poor book:

The spine is completely destroyed. He loves this book so much that he felt the need to rip it apart. And this, of course, is not the only book he feels so strongly about. Pop-up books get it the worst. This morning he was so sad that the duck in one of his books had no head. I tried to remind him of how it happened, just yesterday, which is why he needed to remember to be gentle with his books. That didn't help. He was still sad about the headless duck. The wingless rooster he could care less about, and the lamb that no longer leaps through the field, well, that's kind of sad, but not as sad as headless ducky.

Some day when he's old enough to take care of his books better, we may have to repurchase a number of these for him. But for now we just need to break out the tape and the glue and hope for the best.

We bought new phones this weekend and I've been playing with the camera a lot the past few days. I think Dashiell wanted to play with my camera, too...

The verdict on the phone camera is that it's not as good as it could be. It's difficult to take a picture that's not blurry. But then again, it could just be my constantly-moving subject matter that's causing the blurry problem. :)


Lea said...

Ugg, my kids have destroyed both Tails and Cat. And numerous others. Any book with a flap has to be supervised! I love that they love books, but it can frustrating! As always, Dash is adorable!

Lori said...
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Lori said...

Oh, funny...Tails and Dog are still in good shape but many others have been "coming" apart. I just organized and labeled some bins and one is all "peek a boo" books to help me supervise. I had to buy a second copy of several of her faves...Goodnight Moon, Jamberry etc...I love reading about little ones who LOVE books (former Math, Reading and Language Arts teacher here:)) and the pictures of Dash are always so cute. He is one handsome boy!