Thursday, December 31, 2009

Piggy book!


The first day we arrived in Bemidji, a new book was waiting for Dashiell next to his crib. Rick and I hadn't even noticed it was there, but Dashiell spotted it right away. We started reading him a couple bedtime stories, and he kept repeating "Piggy book! Piggy book!" until we noticed this new book of his: The Porky Pig Counting Book. I don't know where Grandma Weber found it, but it quickly became a hit! He slept with it almost every night and nap.


Funny note: Right after posting this I looked at the blog and noticed that the picture of Porky Pig on the book cover is nearly a mirror image of Dashiell's 1 year old photo on the side bar...just so happened that they lined up right next to each other. Not that I think D looks like a little piggy, but their expressions are almost identical! Ha! :)

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