Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrestling Match




Dashiell won. :)

In fact, he won all the battles of Thanksgiving this year, including the Battle of the Nap (none to be had!) and the Battle of Bedtime (he refused to sleep in his portable crib and could only sleep in my bed with me--I should add that he's NEVER slept a full night in my bed before, so this was completely new to both of us!). Sigh. But other than those relatively small issues, he had a fine time. Aunt Elizabeth (Auntie E) and her boyfriend Danny (Danny B) were in town from California and it was wonderful to see them and spend time with them. Dash is completely enamoured with Danny B, and has spent the last week repeating his name (or rather "Dandy B", which let's face it is pretty dang funny) over and over and over again, every once in a while throwing in an "Auntie E" for good measure.

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Suzi said...

Hmm, for some reason the pictures cropped weirdly in this post...