Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Open, open, open, close the door"

Last night as I was just about to fall asleep I heard some faint mewings over the baby monitor. It went on for a while, so after I made sure Dashiell wasn't actually awake I turned up the volume on the monitor to see if he was saying anything worthwhile...sneaky I know. :) Most of what he was saying was just babbling, and I'm sure if I was seeing what he was seeing I probably could have figured out what he was talking about since a lot of it sounded like he was trying to say actual words. The thing I did catch was him saying "open, open, open" (pronounced "opeen, opeen, opeen), followed by "close the door" (pronounced "clos-dado"). He says this all day long, anytime he needs help opening something, or if he wants a door open, or if he thinks something should open even though it can't. And "close the door" is universal to anything that needs closing, not just doors.

He sleeps as he lives--opening and closing things. :)

Sorry no picture today but I couldn't find a suitable "sleeping" picture--I know Rick has a bunch of them on his phone but I currently don't have access to them.

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Cheri Pickard said...

:-) I had to laugh Suzi. My DH says Ryan has OCD=Opening and Closing Door syndrome!
He can do it forever it seems!