Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I Like About You, Part II


I just thought of a few more fun things that Dashiell does and wanted to add them to the list!

-When we tickle Dashiell, he'll laugh and squirm away, then come right back for more, saying "again, again!". Sometimes he grabs our hands and puts them right back on the place last tickled, just to make sure we understand him. :) It's really the funniest thing.

-After we watched the Steve Martin episode of the Muppet Show (think 1970's Steve Martin), Dash thought it was HILARIOUS to say "excuuuuse me!", which sounded more like "schooozee-ee", but I got it. See how refined his sense of humor is already? ;)

-He says "I love you" quite often, which is nice to hear (that one sounds more like a drawn out "olive-vu"). We have a book titled "I Love You Through and Through", so sometimes he says "olive-vu-thu" instead.

The above photo was taken at my parents' house over Christmas. D was pretending to be a dog while playing with Lisa's dog Idgie. I think Idgie might have been a bit worn out at this point.

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