Friday, February 19, 2010


Dash just cracks me up sometimes! The other evening he and I were in the kitchen making dinner while Rick was upstairs working on the computer. When dinner was almost ready, I called up to Rick to let him know that he should come down soon. The next thing I know, Dashiell's calling out "Rick! Rick! Rick!" I guess he was hungry and wanted daddy to come downstair as soon as possible! He kept on saying it until Rick came down, then we tried to explain that daddy's other name is Rick, but that he should still call him daddy. Not that it made a lick of difference--I think it was just too fun saying "Rick!"

Rick was home with him yesterday and had to make a quick dash upstairs for something, and swears he heard Dashiell call out "Rick!" from the bottom of the stairs...

A couple new photos that have nothing to do with the above story. We bought Dashiell a new table and chairs at Ikea on Sunday, and he's been having a great time playing with them! Here he is on Monday morning, moving the chair around to figure out it there was some way to sit in the chair and his little car at the same time:

Another eating at the big table picture--he's trying to stab a pea with his fork. This happens quite often now, where he'll spend most of dinner stabbing individual vegetables or pieces of fruit in an attempt to eat them. Meals take much longer these days!

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Rachel's Mommy said...

So funny...calling his Daddy "Rick"! You have such a great little talker there, Suzi:). Rachel loves using her utensils too! Meals do take longer, but isn't it just so cute?! Lori :-)