Friday, April 16, 2010

Cause and Effect

I'm bummed to report that I finally had to give Dashiell his first time out this week.  For weeks he's been standing on his chair during meals, but usually will sit back down if I tell him to.  However the other morning, he continued to stand, saying "no dancing on chair", despite my asking him to sit down and telling him that I didn't want him to fall.  I gave him two warnings and told him if he didn't sit down he'd get a time out (not that he knew what that really was since he's never had one before).  So after the second warning I took him out of the chair and made him sit on the kitchen floor.  It involved a lot of screaming (by him) and me trying to get him to sit still, and lasted a very long 20 seconds or so.  It really wasn't fun for either of us.  But after he calmed down a bit I gave him a hug and reassured him that I still loved him and explained why he got a time out, just in case he didn't understand why it happened.

Since then, every time he stands on a chair and I ask him to sit down, he'll sit, say "time out", let out a fake cry (and it's obviously fake), then say "hug mommy" and come over and give me a hug.  So did I just teach him that time outs lead to hugs from mommy?  I mean, I guess he also understands that time outs lead to crying.  I just hope that he realizes that many other GOOD things lead to hugs from mommy, not just time outs! 

Since I didn't take any pictures of Dashiell dancing on his chair (boy would that send mixed messages!), here are a couple of random photos I took recently.  First, I bought Dashiell some new sunglasses the other day, and he's super excited about them!  I think it helps that Rick and I both wear glasses all day every day, so now he has his own glasses!  Plus after I took this picture I raved about how cool he looked and showed him the picture--which he kept wanted to look at over and over--so now it's not too difficult to get him to wear his cool new sunglasses:

The next picture I'm posting is mostly for my friend Molly and those who follow her blog.  She had JUST posted pictures of her daughter putting a bucket over her head, and the next day Dashiell (who did not see the pictures) decided to walk around the house with this wicker basket on his head.  So I guess great toddler minds think alike!  As you can see from the blurriness of the picture he was a boy on the move!  He seemed to be able to see just fine--he walked from the dining room to the kitchen and didn't bump into anything! 


Rachel's Mommy said...

Adorable sunglasses pic! I have a thing about sunglasses and love to wear eyes look a lot less tired that way:). I always buy them for Rachel and I think she is up to about 6 or 7 pairs. A little unnecessary, but fun:). Um, I think I handled our "standing on chair" incident wrong. Rachel keeps standing on her little yellow chair that is part of her new table and chair set. When she did it yesterday I took several pictures for Daddy! Then I made her sit down so she wouldn't get hurt. Oops. I have to keep reminding her to sit on her bottom, but she does comply so far. Have a great weekend, Lori

Liz Noonan said...

He's such a cutie! And clearly you have a very smart boy on your hands! The time out thing can be much harder on you than him...Annabelle turned around time outs on me where she would give them to herself...which took all the authority away from me, it was so weird! and funny! I'll never forget it.
Glad you got him not to stand in the chair, better that it leads to hugs from Mommy than a bump on the noggin from a nasty fall.
Love your blog Amy, great pictures too!