Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh boy!

Dashiell is developing quite an impressive "boy" sense of humor, and, well, I'm outnumbered!  Farts are incredibly funny, as are burps.  I'm not sure exactly how this started, but at some point Rick started saying "fooooot" (not "foot"--more of a long "o") anytime he or Dashiell passed gas, which would always send Dashiell into fits of giggles.  So, every night that Rick is working, Dashiell and I call him up right before bedtime so Rick can say goodnight to him.  About a week or so ago, Dashiell got on the phone and said "Hi daddy, fooooot!" and laughed and it's a regular part of his greeting.  :)

Then the other day I belched and said to Dashiell, "excuse me, I burped", which was the funniest thing to him!  He kept repeating it and laughing, and now every once in a while he'll bust out an "excuse me I burped" out of no where, and crack himself up!  And he loves the part in Yertle the Turtle, when that plain little turtle named Mack burps and causes Yertle's throne to collapse.  I have to stop when it gets to the burp part so he can say "burp" in this raspy low-register voice that he uses for such occasions.  Always makes him smile.  And I admit it, I always smile too...

Once again the picture I'm posting is completely unrelated, but I feel like pictures are always necessary.  This one is Dashiell reading one of the new books his aunt Terri sent him for his birthday while eating dinner.  A habit he picked up from both Rick and me, I'm sure (reading and eating, that is).  We hadn't even read this book to him yet so he has no idea what's happening in it, but the pictures are very fun and expressive and you can see that he's enjoying it!  For the record, it's Mo Willems, "I am Invited to a Party!"  Awesome book.

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