Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Logic of Two-year-olds

Like many kids his age, Dashiell has a thing against eating "crusts", whether these crusts are of the bread variety or the apple peel variety (or peach, or pear...you get the picture).  Usually when I give him apples I just cut up some slices and leave the skin on, in the hope that some of it will find its way into his mouth and he'll realize that it's not so bad.  But one day I decided to be a nice mommy and peel the apple for him so he wouldn't have to eat just the middle part, and he'd be able to enjoy more of its appley goodness.  Turns out that an apple slice just isn't an apple slice if it doesn't have the peel on it!  He got all upset that his apple slices were nude.  Thankfully I'd only given him part of the apple, and the rest of it was yet to be peeled! And you can see the fun he's having eating his apple slice with the peel in place!

Note how much apple is wasted.  Sigh.  For now we'll live with this, and take it as a good thing that he's at least eating something other than grilled cheese.

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