Friday, July 30, 2010

To the beach!

As mentioned in my previous post, we've had a busy and fun summer.  Or at least the past 2+ weeks have been busy.  We've been taking advantage of the fact that, a) we're not that far from the ocean, and b) we know people on the Cape.  So two weeks ago, we ventured down to Eastham (which for those of you who aren't from MA is at the "elbow" of Cape Cod) for the weekend to visit Rick's Aunt Sue, who had their vacation house to herself for a week.  Rick's mom came down as well.  In 2 days, we hit the beach 3 times!  Whee!  Dashiell liked walking out on the sand, collecting rocks (aka "eggs"), and eating grapes in the sun!  At one point we went during high tide and while he loved getting smacked by the waves, he liked it even better when I carried him and dipped him into the water!

After two days of fun in the sun and a missed nap, our kiddo was pretty beat!

A few days later when Rick and I both had the day off, we drove up to Gloucester for the morning to visit  Wingaershiek beach.  There were big rocks to climb on and he desperately wanted to go into the "cave" rock formation he found, but it was just a bit too small and I wasn't comfortable letting him in it when I couldn't go after him.  I know, I'm no fun.  But D had a good time anyway!

This past weekend we headed back to the Cape (Harwich, for those keeping track) to visit Rick's former co-worker and his wife.  Their home was amazing, and Dashiell was smitten with them.  I think I mentioned the allergy problem with their dogs in the last post, which was the only down side to the trip.  And once again we went to the beach!  Saturday afternoon before it rained, and Sunday morning before we had to head back home.  Dash mostly collected "eggs" the whole time, which kept him happy and busy.  I thought I took more beach photos, but they seem to be in our actual camera, not on my phone.  So here's Dash playing his favorite game in the morning before we had breakfast, "Where's Dashiell?":

And here he is on the drive home:

That was the best nap he's taken in a car in probably a year!  Normally he only naps for about 30 minutes when we're driving regardless of how tired he is, but this particular drive netted him a solid one-and-a-half hours!  Woohoo!

We have more fun planned for this weekend, and hopefully I'll remember to take more pictures.  I hope everyone is having as fun of a summer as we're having!


Lea said...

Love the redesign! And, I love your tall man all curled up in his carseat!

Lori/Rachel's Mommy said...

Cute! Wow, he does look really tall! Sorry for all the allergy stuff he (and you) are dealing with...Lori