Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Little Big Park

We tried out a new park on Sunday--Friendship Park in Chelmsford.  It was a hit!  It consists of a few big wooden structures with plenty of things to climb on, slides to slide down, and swings to swing in.  There's a sand pit in the middle of one of the structures, and people seem to leave their unwanted outdoor toys there as a donation to the park (note the Cozy Coupe in the background of the above photo).

Sunday was a good day to go--overcast, hot but not oppressively so, with just a few other kids there.  Enough kids for Dash to play with, not so many that he got overwhelmed or impatient for his turn to climb/slide/swing. 

Our pictures are very blurry, since it was hard to get Dashiell to stay still long enough to photograph!  Plus he kept telling me that he didn't want any more pictures taken.  He didn't care that we wanted to preserve precious memories, he just wanted to play.

The problem with finding this cool new park is that Dashiell now wants to go to it constantly!  Yesterday before his nap, he spent a good 10 minutes crying because we weren't going to the "new little big park" right then.  Poor kid!  But what that really meant was that after his nap we HAD to go to the park.  He didn't care that it was almost 90 degrees outside with 70% humidity, he NEEDED to get to that park!  So I dragged our sweaty bodies to the park, lots of water and sunblock in hand.

THANK HEAVENS for our friend Meghan, who saved us after about 20 minutes of playing by calling to ask us over to her air conditioned house!

This morning at breakfast, Dashiell asked again to go to the new little big park.  I'm sure I'll get another request to go again tomorrow.  And probably the day after.  I love my little one-track-mind kiddo!

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