Monday, September 6, 2010

I don't want to say cheese!

Our trip to Minnesota was punctuated by the above phrase more than once!  It seemed to be Dashiell's favorite thing to say.  Therefore, we don't have as many pictures with family members than I'd like.  We do however have a few--some posed, some not posed--that I'd love to share!

First, here he is with his auntie Lisa.  This was an "I don't want to say cheese" moment, as you can tell from his very un-relaxed pose.  But Lisa looks so happy in this one that I thought I'd include it!  Also, you'll note that he's wearing his new Paul and Babe t-shirt, which he loves.  Well, we tried to get a good picture with Dashiell and his cousins at Paul and Babe, and could only get these:

That's Dash with cousin Craig...

...and here he is with cousin Abby.  That's the best we could do.  Here's what our guy was more interested in doing:

Playing around Babe the Blue Ox.  He may have made his way into a couple pictures of strangers wanting to make their own memories of Bemidji, but whatever.  It's a good thing D's cute.

We found that the best way to get a good picture of Dashiell with anyone else was to have them read to him.  Worked like a charm!  Here he is with Grandpa:

And here he is with auntie Terri:

The boy loves his books!

More pictures will follow--right now Dash and I need to get outside to enjoy this lovely weather!  He's feeling much better today, though maybe not 100%.  Doesn't feel the need to go too far from home, which is a shame since I have nothing to feed him tonight and would really like to go to the grocery store.  But we can head to the back yard and play for a bit, which is much more fun than grocery shopping.

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