Monday, October 25, 2010

Costume Drama

The Halloween season is upon us, with plenty of costume-wearing occasions available.  The problem?  Dashiell wants nothing to do with costumes.  First, we tried a really cool dragon costume that our neighbor gave us.  I left it out on the guest bed for D to "discover", which worked great at first!  He was so excited about it, and I showed him how he could wear it and look just like an awesome dragon.  He wanted to try it on, so he stepped into it, I started zipping up the back, and before I could finish zipping he said "take it off!  Take it off!".  I brought him to the mirror to show him how cool he looked, but no luck.  The dragon wasn't happening.

So for the next week or two I tried to give him ideas for various costumes.  I suggested Super Why (the one in the green mask above), since that's one of his favorite shows, and was met with a luke-warm reaction.  Then I suggested a Sneetch, which is one of his favorite Dr. Seuss stories.

I figured it would be pretty easy to make--yellow sweatshirt and pants, add a white collar and a green star, and presto--he's a Sneetch!  He kind of liked that idea, but still not the reaction that I wanted.  I kept it on the list of ideas anyway, just in case.  Then suddenly it was 2 weeks before Halloween and I hadn't looked for a  yellow outfit, and we had our first Halloween activity to go to in less than a week.  So instead, while we were watching It's the "Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" I asked if he wanted to be Linus for Halloween, and he actually said yes!

 Awesome!  And easy!  And not very "costume-y" so he shouldn't have any objection to wearing it.  So I ordered a red striped t-shirt online on Monday, bought him some brown shoes and red socks, washed his blue blanket and figured out how I'd make a "Welcome Great Pumpkin" sign for him to carry.  But even though the t-shirt shipped on Tuesday, it still hasn't arrived!  And
Boo at the Zoo was yesterday (Sunday).  Bummer.  Dash's Nana dug out a pumpkin costume from her attic, but D didn't want to wear that, either.  So I put him in his "college boy" outfit from the last post, and called it a costume. 

Sigh.  So Halloween has been challenging this year.  We have a party to go to on Saturday and of course there's trick-or-treating Sunday, and he'll be able to sport his Linus "costume" for those (assuming the tshirt arrives!).  We were supposed to go to a playgroup Halloween party today but Dashiell's feeling burned out by social activities and opted to stay home and watch movies instead (though I'm waiting for him to ask to go to playgroup as soon as the movie is over, AFTER playgroup is over, then freak out because he can't go--life with a two-year-old is always interesting!). 

There's always next year, right?

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