Tuesday, November 30, 2010


One of the many things I love about Christmas is that it gives me an excuse to get crafty!  Last year Dashiell and I made salt dough ornaments (that looked nothing like the ornaments on that web site, by the way...) and I made star and moon stuffed toys for Dash as his present from me.  This year I found a "recipe" on the PBS craft blog that showed how to repurpose crayons into new sculptural crayons!

I just tried it out last night and kind of love how they turned out!   I found silicone muffin trays in the Target dollar bin (they actually cost $2.50) that were shaped like snowflakes which I thought would be lovely for Christmas!  Maybe not quite "snowy", considering that they aren't white, but I'd have to buy a awful lot of white crayons to get snow.  And how often do you color with white crayons?  Only on construction paper, really.  

I'm thinking these would make fun gifts for Dashiell's friends!  I might try to find slightly smaller molds, though, since these ones are pretty big (about 2") and take a lot of crayons to make--while we do have many broken crayons, I would probably have to dip into the non-broken stash to make enough for everyone.

Other crafty ideas for this Christmas:  painted wooden ornaments, painted by the one and only Dashiell.  I should be buying the ornament blanks this week and hopefully we'll paint them this weekend. :)

I had hoped to sew some felt "food" for Dashiell this year but I've gotten awfully busy lately!  My new plan is to send the instructions and materials to my mom, who is always looking for projects to do.  Maybe I can convince her to sew a few cookies or raviolis for our guy...

I'd love to hear what crafts other people have done/are planning to do this Christmas!  I love Christmas crafting, and hope that by showing Dashiell how fun it is to make gifts for others, he'll learn to appreciate handmade gifts just as much as all of his store-bought toys.

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Sherry said...

Every couple of years I buy the blank wooden ornaments from craft stores and have the kids color them. It is so fun to look back at ones from previous years and see how much the kids' abilities have grown along with them. Plus, we give them as gifts as well. Fun for all. Enjoy your crafting!