Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Most Serious Boy on the Carousel

On my last post, I added a picture of Dashiell enjoying his carousel ride in Boston.  Let me tell you, even though he was having a good time, it was SO DIFFICULT to get a picture of him smiling!  Most of the shots came out like these - Rick smiling, Dash looking oh-so-serious. 

It reminded me of a picture of Rick from when he was a little boy, which I like to refer to as "the saddest boy on the carousel":
While Dashiell looks no where near as sad as Rick did, I do think it's funny that they both are so very serious and pensive on what is supposed to be a fun ride!   Like father like son, indeed!

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Lea said...

Love it! So cute that D and Daddy are pensive Carousel riders!