Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh what a difference (a pregnancy update)

Rick, my belly, and me at a wedding in Maine

Everyone tells you how different the second pregnancy is from the first, but you don't know how true that is until it happens!  Seriously, it's a totally different ball game.  I'm no longer pouring over my pregnancy books, reading about what's going on with baby2.0 at every stage.  Heck, I can hardly even remember what week I'm at, let alone pay attention to baby's size relative to fruits and vegetable (last I checked she was the size of an eggplant).  I've barely thought about the nursery except to wonder where the heck we're going to put the furniture that's currently occupying the room, and whether or not Rick and I should move into the room that we slated for the nursery (since that's where the attic door is) and give our room to baby2.0.  I did buy a print to hang on the wall when I was in Bemidji, so I guess that's a start on the decorating front.  I have vague memories of talking to Dashiell in utero starting at around 5 months.  Baby2.0 hears me talk constantly, though not actually to her.  She may be born thinking her name is Dashiell.  Oh and names?  Yeah, not so much.  I have one name in mind but Rick and I haven't sat down and decided whether or not it's The One.

This past week I finally hit the nesting stage and have started organizing our whole house, and may even get around to sorting through baby clothes this weekend (and probably next).  However, thinking about all that needs to get done is pretty daunting, and trying to make time to do it during Dashiell's naps or while he's watching a movie is difficult.

Physically this is a completely different pregnancy, too.  I'm definitely carrying lower this time, and whether that's because it's a second pregnancy or a because I'm carrying a girl is anyone's guess.  I'm much more tired, though I did experience a good month or two of renewed energy.  Which, by the way, has already completely disappeared, and did not overlap at all with my current nesting phase.  Naps are more frequent, as is going to bed earlier than usual.  I can't say if this is because I'm older, because I'm running after a 3-year-old, or because this particular pregnancy is just wearing me out more.  Probably a little bit of everything.  I'm also crankier this time around - poor Dashiell and Rick have both been subject to my increased moodiness (sorry guys!).  I definitely started showing earlier this pregnancy, but I showed pretty early with Dashiell, too.  I was big with him, and I've been big with baby2.0.  But as Rick pointed out I'm still at that point where everything except my belly has pretty much stayed the same as it was before I got pregnant, so really it is ALL belly.  Among the decidedly good differences between the two pregnancies is that this time I'm not congested, haven't been experiencing hip pain when I sleep (yet - *knock on wood*), and I only get heartburn occasionally (it was relentless with Dashiell - I think it started right at the end of the 1st trimester and lasted until the minute I gave birth). 

Dash seems to be pretty excited about having a baby sister soon, which was fueled by a recently acquired book, "Hello Baby", that my cousin Sherry sent to us (thanks Sherry!).  And he LOVES "tickling the baby", which essentially means that he's constantly poking my belly.  I keep telling him that his little sister will get him back soon enough, but that only makes him want to do it more. 

So that's the Baby2.0 Update!  I'll be back to my regular Dashiell postings next time, I'm sure. :)


Lea said...

Oh Suzi, you look GORGEOUS! Seriously!

I love that D pokes his sister all the time. Get used to that.

Lisa said...

Your belly is adorable! And yes- the second time around was so much different for me as well. I was just worn out from chasing Dylan around all day- at least it didn't leave me much time to worry as much either. :) Love that D is so excited for his sister!

Julianna said...

You look beautiful! How exciting,it is such joy having one of each! :)

Sherry said...

I am just catching up on reading today. I hope Dashiell is not as scared at the baby crying in the book as he once was! You look amazing, and I hope those things that are not bothering you as much this pregnancy continue to stay away.