Friday, October 14, 2011

Topsfield Fair

Last week really was a fun week!  Not only did we go to the Traveling Barnyard at school, but we also went to the Topsfield Fair after work on Thursday - yay!  I love a good fair, and Topsfield is always a fun time. Since we had to fit in the fair between work and bedtime, we only got to be there for a little over 2 hours but we tried to see as much as we could anyway.  Dash and Rick rode on the Super Slide and the carousel (I later found out that we missed a whole section of the fair that had kids' rides, but thankfully D didn't know that), learned all about bees, saw gigantic vegetables, and visited many animals.  And we got to eat in a big tent!  Whee!

Here are Dashiell and Rick about to enjoy the carousel ride.  It was a lot faster than the other carousel's we've been on so I couldn't get a good action shot this time:

Dashiell LOVED seeing the baby chicks hatching!

He even got to hold one of the chicks that had been born earlier, which was super exciting!  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture, but it was really neat!

He also had an obsession with these "take your picture being X animal" things.  Note that he got to be a bee in an earlier photo (sorry for the red-eye on that one - I tried to get rid of it but it looked much freakier after the fix).  He found this one to be particularly amusing:

Fun was had by all!  Now if only there were a fair to go to every week...

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