Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miracles do happen!

Dashiell, God love him, is a very headstrong child.  He has particular beliefs that no one can talk him out of.  He is not influenced by his peers.  He is his own person.  This will serve him well in the future, I can see that.  But what that means now is that he is the most stubborn child ever. Last year he wanted very little to do with water, even in the blazing heat of the summer.  He did take swim lessons, but he never willingly wanted to go into a lake, ocean or pool.  And we could forget about splash parks or sprinklers.  He also has an aversion to wearing shorts and prefers "longs", and wears socks every day and night.  He doesn't like being uncovered.  He has fought us on all attempts at getting him to go pants or sock free, as well as on any suggestions of water-related fun.

So imagine our surprise when he asked to run through the sprinklers at mom and dad's house in Minnesota!  AND he wanted to strip down to his underwear to do it!  I was amazed, and of course encouraged him to get to it!  Since then, he's spent many days running through the sprinklers in his undies in our backyard.  Before it was skull-meltingly hot last week, we had a rather chilly weekend in which the temp only reached the mid-sixties.  Didn't deter him one bit! 

He is thoroughly enjoying his new fire hydrant sprinkler!

After his sprinkler fun he tends to hang out in just a t-shirt and underwear (NO pants, NO socks!).  It's shocking, frankly.  And we love it!

Aurelia and I made a few passes in the sprinkler as well, though we waited for the heat to overtake us before we really tried it out.  On the cooler days Aurelia preferred to hang out in the Bumbo on the lawn.

It's going to be a fun summer!

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