Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wonderful Wedding!!

Weddings are so much fun!!!  Rick's sister Elizabeth got married this weekend to her wonderful fiance (now HUSBAND!) Danny, and we were all included in the ceremony.  Yes, all four of us in our little family - Rick was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid, Dash was the ring bearer, and Aurelia was the flower girl.  We all got dolled up in our best, the wedding was in a lovely location (the Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod), there were cameras present...and we took SHAMEFULLY few pictures.  Not a single photo of just the four of us (no Christmas card photo!), or of Dashiell and Aurelia together (no new header photo for the blog!), or of Rick and I together.  Sigh.  I'm hoping the photographers got some good shots that we can use, but until then, here are pretty much ALL of the pictures I took.

On the way to the Cape - Dash looking all stylish in his new fedora, eating the obligatory Ritz crackers:

At the Queen Anne Inn, Hello Kitty is cooler than cool:

(btw, Hello Kitty is Dashiell's - he likes her red bow and dress)

Rick assisting Dashiell with his socks and shoes:

Aurelia and I in front of the boathouse:

 Dashiell, before the wedding (while photos were being taken), digging in the sand:

The lovely bride and my lovely daughter:

After the beach photos, Elizabeth needs to clean off her sandy feet so she can comfortably wear her fabulous shoes (you can see them on the counter next to her):

I wanted a picture of Rick and Aurelia together, but she wasn't too into it:

Minutes later, we discover why:

The bride and groom are presented!
 Dashiell spent most of the reception exploring the beach.  Here he is with Uncle David:

 Grandpa looks like he may never let go of Aurelia!  Give her back, she's mine!

Soon-to-be Aunt Lindsay looking Sassy:

Uncle David being Uncle David:

Maid-of-Honor Lauren and I celebrating:

So there was our wedding weekend!  We had a ton of fun, and are so happy for Elizabeth and Danny!  

The inn we stayed at was lovely and the people working there were so incredibly nice (thank you Queen Anne Inn!).  We did have some issues around food service pretty much the whole weekend - seriously, how hard is it to know that if a family with small children order their food right when they sit down it means that they want it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE?  I swear every restaurant we went to did not understand that concept, and every meal took forever to get to our table.  And the Chatham Bars didn't have a single non-nutty baked good to serve our nut-allergic child while everyone else ate (almond-based) cake.  Even though Elizabeth requested it when they ordered the cake.  Grrr.  Good thing D was busy on the beach or we may have had a meltdown!  But all in all everything was wonderful, and we had a fantastic time.  Congrats Elizabeth and Danny!  We love you!!

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Lisa said...

Beautiful wedding! The four of you look great! LOVE Aurelia's dress. :)