Friday, October 26, 2012

Wedding bliss!

Mid-October we celebrated another fabulous wedding, this time for Rick's brother David and his now-wife Lindsay.  Such a happy day!  The two of them were grinning ear-to-ear non-stop!  The rest of us were just as happy, too - it's lovely to see two people so obviously meant for each other getting married! 

Both Rick and Dashiell were in the wedding, looking so very handsome in their new suits.  This was D right before we left.  I swear it looks like he's going to work in some hipster office.  Tie, fedora, funky hoody, computer under his arm...

A picture of the wedding party getting their picture taken!  Ooh!  A nice-looking bunch, that's for sure!

Rick helping Dashiell with his flower (a losing battle - the thing kept on falling over!  4-year-olds are just way too jumpy to keep a flower pinned on properly!).  The other ring bearer, Lindsay's nephew Joseph, checks out the action.

Aurelia crawls around the gazebo while waiting for the photos to be finished (note to self: white tights are not the best option when crawling around a dirty gazebo floor...)

Joseph and Dashiell goofing off during their picture-taking downtime.  White shirt + dirty gazebo is also not a great choice.

Joseph and Dashiell had a ton of fun together.  It was so cute watching them walk down the aisle, veeeerrrryyyy slllooowwwlllyyyyy. I tried to get a picture of them but there were too many people in the church blocking my line of vision!  Dangit!   Ah well, the best part was at the reception, anyway, when they started breakdancing.  They were moving so fast that my pictures all came out blurry, but you get the idea:

And seriously, could two kids in ties look any cuter?

Even with D's half-shut eyes, he's still cute!

And starting to get exhausted:

But there was cake to be had!

Then, the inevitable crash:

That's the sign of a successful party!  Aurelia only attended the ceremony, then stayed with a babysitter at the grandparents' house.  We unfortunately had to wake her up to bring her home but she was a trooper!  AND both kids slept in the next day - yes!

Congratulations David and Lindsay!  We love you!!

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