Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Things I need to remember

Aurelia just had her 18 month doctor's appointment yesterday, and it got me thinking about all the awesome things that she does, and how easy it is to forget all of it!  Yes, toddlerhood is full of challenges, but on the whole life with Aurelia is just so much fun.  She is my little fearless monkey, and she is the funniest thing since, well, since Dashiell was 18 months old!  So I need to write down some of my favorite things that she does, because I know I'll forget half of them by this time next year.

  • I love when Aurelia sings with me.  We sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before bed each night, and she'll usually pipe in "gigg-o gigg-o, lee...stah".  If I switch things up and sing a different song, she'll intently watch my mouth and silently move her mouth with me.
  • She also sings the songs that Dashiell has learned at school, which usually include hand motions.  So cute to see her waving her hands back and forth to "This Land is Your Land".  (It should be noted that she still doesn't get the verbiage, but the melody and choreography are definitely there!)
  • Teeth brushing (and flossing!).  Every morning she, Dashiell and I all brush our teeth together.  I put the toothpaste on everyone's brushes, hand them to the kids, and we brush, brush, brush!  When I'm done I mumble "one, two, three SPIT" and D and I spit into the sink.  Aurelia cranes her neck and says "ptoo" since she a) can't reach the sink and b) can't spit.  Afterwards Dashiell reminds me that we have to floss, so I floss his teeth, then Aurelia comes over and opens her mouth to get flossed, too.  She has all of 10 teeth.* :)
  • Whenever anyone blows their nose she grabs a tissue, puts it up to her nose or mouth, and makes a "hhuuuuhhh" sound.
  • She talks.  And talks.  And talks.  Yet she probably only has 15 actual words.  But her babble is so expressive and engaging that you know she's telling you something of vital importance.  She knows exactly what she's talking about, it's just up to us to figure it out!
  • The squeal of delight whenever there's running involved!  Rick and Dashiell will usually start running around downstairs, and she'll throw herself into the mix and chase after them, always wanting to get in on the fun.
  • Her fearlessness.  I am in awe of it (look mom I can swing from this bar!).
  • The race to the computer room!  When I'm single parenting (usually 3 nights a week) I let Dashiell play on the computer while I put Aurelia to bed.  So every night Dashiell races us up the stairs ("I win!" he declares, and Aurelia mimics back "da-DEE!" with the same inflection, throwing her hands in the air).  Then when we all get to the top of the stairs we race to the computer room.  About a month ago Dashiell went into his room instead of going straight to the computer room, but Aurelia ran off to the computer by herself and declared "da-DEE!" once she got there.  She knows the score.
  • Her one-handed sippy cup drinking style.  I've been trying to get a picture of it but never catch it in time. I want to post it next to this picture of my grandpa drinking moonshine:

  • The way she buries herself between my knees when she gives me a hug.
  • The way she hugs her brother when she sees that he's sad.
  • The admiration and love she has for Dashiell.  When she wakes up in the morning her first utterance if she doesn't see Dashiell is "wheh da-show?" - where's Dashiell.  He is everything to her.  And she means the world to him, too!  He is an amazing big brother.  I know there will come a time when they will be more annoyed with each other than excited to be with one another, but I hope that doesn't happen for a long time.
I know there are so many other things I want to remember, but, well, I can't remember them right now.  See how easy it is to forget even the best things in life?

And for those of you who like stats, at her appointment yesterday Aurelia was 33" tall (85%tile) and weighs 25 lbs 10 oz (84%tile).  Her head continues to be ginormous - 48.9 cm (97%tile) but it's following the curve she's been on for over a year so it's nothing to be concerned about.  It just means it's hard to find hats that fit her huge melon. :)

*Ack!  I realized that I originally wrote that Aurelia had 8 teeth, when at the time she had 10...I obviously need a few counting lessons!  Then of course she goes and gets another tooth the next day!  So as of today, July 11, she has 11 teeth!  Woo-hoo!

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