Friday, August 30, 2013

Ten years!!

Okay, so this is a post about Rick and I, but without US the two stars of this blog would not exist!
Today is our TEN YEAR anniversary!  Ten years!  It's shocking to me how much time has passed, yet it seems like just yesterday when we said "I do"!  It was a lovely, end of August day - clear skies, low humidity, mid-70s. The previous week was hellishly hot, and the Thursday before the wedding was cold and drizzly.  The gods of weather were smiling upon us for sure!
The last ten years have been filled with joys and struggles, laughter and just a few tears.  I feel blessed to have such an amazing partner in my life, with whom I created this awesome little family.  In celebration of our ten years together (fourteen if you count dating!), I created a photo album to document just a few of the joys we've shared!

(Hope that link works!  It's not loading completely in my preview...)

Happy ten-year anniversary to the best husband ever!  XOXO

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Lisa said...

I LOVE the book! What an awesome gift! Happy Anniversary!