Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kindergarten here we come!!

Dashiell is in the Big Time, baby!  All day, 5-day-a-week KINDERGARTEN! 
Who has two thumbs and started kindy this week?  This guy!

"Say 'toilet!'"  The one thing that will get him to laugh/smile every.time.

Today is day three of school.  The first day we parents were invited/encouraged to go into the classroom with our littles and say our goodbyes there.

In the classroom.  He decided to do the "this guy" pose here, too.  Sort of.

Dashiell did great, though he did seem a little apprehensive as we were about to leave.  But he said he had a great day and liked his classmates.  His favorite part was the brownie I packed in his lunch (he skipped the sandwich and went right for dessert!  A boy after my own heart!).

The school has a separate drop-off door for the kindergartners, so the next day we tried that out.  Drove up with no problem, stopped near the door, and let him out of the car.  He got out and promptly started walking to the wrong door, so I rolled down the window and tried to stop him before he went in.  He turned around to look at me with big tears in his eyes, so I had to jump out of the car (leaving it running with Ms. Aurelia in the back seat - yikes!), give him a big hug, and lead him to the Principal, who was waiting outside to help with the drop-off.  It was a confusing drop-off, and I was so sad to see my little guy in tears.  But when I picked him up he said the Principal brought him to the gym to wait with some of the other kids, then another teacher led the group of kiddos to their rooms.  Which is better than thinking of him trying to find his room all the way at the other end of the building all by himself!  He then told me that the school drop-off was kind of like the waterslide he went on with daddy in Minnesota - it was scary the first time he did it and he didn't want to go, but after he did go he realized that it was fun so he wasn't scared anymore.

Today's drop-off was much better for Dashiell - he still looked a little shell-shocked but he gave me a big kiss and a hug from the back seat and was helped out of the car by a school employee, so there were no tears!  But as we were driving away I hear Aurelia from the back seat say, "way-ah Da-cho?" (where's Dashiell?).  Poor thing didn't get a goodbye from her brother, and didn't realize he was gone until it was too late!  We definitely need to find some fun morning activities for her pronto so she has something to look forward to and has other kids to play with!  She misses her big brother for sure.

As for what Dashiell does in school all day, I can honestly say I don't know.  Despite my asking, all I've gotten from him is that they did an art project yesterday, they have to lay their heads down on their desks for rest time every day, and they had to play on the blacktop instead of on the playground (which seems odd to me - I might have to ask his teacher about this).  Oh, and that he gets to sit at the awesome ROUND table at lunch that is exclusively for kids with allergies.  Everyone else has to sit at boring RECTANGULAR tables (and he sounded genuinely pleased with this, like he was part of some amazing, special club). :)  I don't yet know the names of the other kids in his class, I don't know what they're currently learning about, I don't know their daily's kind of weird!  I'm sure once we get a chance to sit down and chat with his teacher we'll get more information, but I'm also sure that if Dashiell was a girl I'd already know all of these things.  Girls seem to be much more forthcoming about such information!

Here's to a great school year, Dashiell!  I hope you love school as much as I think you will!  And don't forget, you'll always be my little guy, even when you're a big guy!

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Sherry said...

The first few days are so exciting and scary for all involved. Hope things are smoothing out. Now that I have a girl in school, I have to say that I am getting more details than ever before.