Friday, December 13, 2013

Seriously? Part Two - November!

On to Part Two - The Month of November!

Dashiell lost his first tooth!

We celebrated with cake, of course!

It was "Movember", and Rick started to grow this crazy mustache!

Aurelia is looking at the above picture of Rick at the breakfast table and is overcome with glee!

We looked super cool, often!

And just plain cute at other times:

Dashiell had his Thanksgiving concert at school, and though we weren't allowed to take pictures or videos during the performance, we did take a photo after the show!
My handsome little turkey!

We went to the Cape for Thanksgiving, and Aurelia refused to sleep in her pack-n-play at the hotel.  These were our fun sleeping arrangements instead:

Staged?  Maybe a little...

And then November ended, but we took a few more photos in December so I'll share those too!

Part Two-point-five: The beginning of December!
A visit to Santa!

Christmas party belly dancing!
Seriously, this girl is a natural!

Making a gingerbread house!
BTW, this house is already missing it's roof. Tornado?  Hurricane?  No, hungry 5-year-old...

And decorating the tree!

Whew!  I think that was it!  Of course lots of other things have happened, but either we didn't take pictures or the pictures we did take were so bad I can't admit to taking them.  Or they are things like Aurelia speaking in sentences, which are hard to catch on film.  "Here go Dashiell" is one of her favorite things to say, and it's also one of Dashiell's favorite things to ignore ("Dashiell! Your sister is trying to give you something!  At least acknowledge her existence!").  Dashiell has had a great first few months of Kindergarten and is getting rapidly better at spelling and reading, which is so exciting!  And Rick shaved off his crazy mustache, thank heavens!

And now that I'm all caught up, I'm looking forward to posting about Christmas!  Yay Christmas!!

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