Friday, February 7, 2014

Aurelia's Birthday Party

Yes yes it's been a month since my girlie turned 2, and almost that long since we threw her a little birthday party!  But before I move on to other topics I wanted to share a few photos and comments.

Honestly, I didn't take great photos.  Or very many of them.  I keep hoping others who did take pictures will email or text them to me, but so far we've only received 2 additional photos.  Ah well.
We had a small party with just our extended family plus one set of friends (our non-blood-related family), however I swear it felt like a hundred people were crammed into our house (not that you can tell from these pictures, but believe me it was crowded)!  I never think of our house as small until we decide to throw a party.  But everyone seemed to have a good time, even in such close quarters.  Especially our little 2-year-old, who ran around in circles and showed off her shiny red shoes to anyone who would look!

We went with a Minnie Mouse theme, since Aurelia LOVES Mickey and Minnie.  I made Mickey and Minnie Oreo cookie pops:

Mouse-eared cupcakes:

and a polka-dot cake:

I was pleased at how they all turned out, and so was Aurelia!

She's at the age now where she finally "gets" opening presents, so it was fun to see her tearing into the gifts!

Momentary meltdown when she couldn't get the wrapping paper off...

She loved this striped dress that her Neena (great-grandma) gave her and walked around with it on her chest for a good few minutes!
It was a great party, and I'm so glad we got to celebrate our girl's big day with so many of the people we love!

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