Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pitiful, just pitiful

For the past month or so, things have been happening in our lives that make me think "I should document this on our blog".  But the thought of "catching up" with all the other things that had happened prior to all that has made me cringe, shudder, weep silently...and sigh.  Because I may never catch up.  And I feel bad about it, because stuff really has been happening!  But unfortunately, much of the past 3 months have been spent here...

At the doctor's office.  Or looking kind of like this:

Though occasionally being sick meant getting to do stuff you don't always get to do, like eating breakfast in front of the TV!
Or in my case, spending hours lying on the couch watching Sixteen Candles and Season 1 of Call the Midwife, with no one bugging me to change the channel to PBS Kids or Disney Jr.  So there were some perks.  But mostly stuff I would have happily lived without.

There were numerous fun things that happened over the past 3 months (which I hope to blog about soon), but our family has been hit with illness after illness - colds, the flu, conjunctivitis, strep throat (twice!), and general yuck.  For a while it seemed like as soon as one person would get better, someone else would get sick.  And the illness did not discriminate between child and parent - all were equal in its eyes. 

I'd say we were on the mend, but this week Aurelia is sick again.  However, the frequency of our illnesses has slowed, thank heavens.  I think we've had just about enough!

So wish me luck - I'm going to attempt to blog about at least a few of our many activities (um, Dashiell's birthday, that happened almost 2 months ago, maybe?) in the very near future so on those days when I think "I should post this awesome thing we are doing on our blog!" I won't feel so guilty not posting all the other awesome things we did before it.  Onward!

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