Thursday, June 5, 2014


The fashion gene is strong in this one.  Opinions abound regarding clothing choices.  I think it started way back last fall, when she discovered her strawberry skirt and wanted to wear it any time she noticed it in her drawer.
Then came the accessorizing.
And the ever-present hats.

 Not to mention her excitement about wearing "Minnie-bows"!

(and tutus, of course)

She also has her supermodel/superstar poses down pat.

(though in that last picture she had declared "I take a nap!" before striking that pose - but seriously, doesn't that look like something you'd see in a fashion mag?  You can imagine a photographer saying "now, try to look comfortable, like you're about to take a nap!" and this is what the model came up with.  Pure "comfort")

But in the past couple of weeks, it hit a new high.  First, we went shoe shopping for some new sandals about two weeks ago.  As I handed her a shoe box with some practical but pretty pink sandals in them, she opened them and literally squealed with delight.  Squealed.  And couldn't wait to put them on!  It should be noted that I am decidedly not shoe-obsessed, and while I do have a few pairs of pretty shoes, they are also inexpensive, comfortable and practical.  People who care about such things would look at my feet and think, "there's a mom who just doesn't care anymore".  So I have no idea where she gets this love of shoes! 

I should also point out that after trying on two pairs of sandals, Aurelia was convinced that she wanted the less-practical white-with-a-pink-flower sandals over the more practical shoe.  I promptly hid those until she forgot they existed, and now she is the proud owner of some very pink yet practical sandals!
Second, we were invited to a 50th anniversary party for the parents of one of Rick's long-time friends.  As I was pulling out Aurelia's fancy dresses (she has waaayyy too many of them, by the way - fancy dresses seem to be a favorite gift to give to little girls), I showed her two dresses that I knew she was going to grow out of soon so we could get some use out of them.  Both pink, but one more pink than the other.  Without a moment's hesitation, she pointed at the "more pink" dress and yelled "PINK!!!" and insisted on wearing that one.  I was thankful it actually did fit her - I shudder to think what would have happened if it was too small!  When we got her in the dress, she kept saying, "I a princess!"  Once again, a bit out of the blue since we are not a "princess" family.  I never liked her wearing clothing that proclaimed her a princess, and she has more doctor and superhero dress-up clothing than anything remotely princess-y.  The pink thing I can understand - it's hard to find clothing and toys for girls that aren't pink. 

The flip side to her fashion-loving ways is that she is constantly telling me my dress (which is sometimes a shirt or a skirt) looks nice - "I like a dress.  Pretty!".  And that's pretty darn nice to hear, even if it is from a two-year-old!  She even told me I was a princess on the night of the party.  Aww...

Me and my princess
(apologies for the light behind my head)

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