Friday, June 13, 2014

Funny bunny (Aurelia-isms)

Oh, Aurelia!  My funny little girl!  Always making us laugh, always up for a good tickle, always a bit dramatic (for good or ill!). 

I wanted to share a few of the funny and cute things she does and says, mostly so I have these written down somewhere and can look back fondly on them when she's older, but also because she's just so darned awesome!

When I got home from work yesterday, I was greeted by Aurelia in Underwear.  Dashiell's underwear, to be precise.  On the outside of her clothes.  I hear Dashiell had been doing the same thing, but the fact that she kept it up?  Priceless.

She loves a good mustache, even if it's a "banana string" mustache.  I guess Rick's Movember look really stuck with her!

She also loves making funny faces:

And jamming to songs the mommy and daddy way (she was copying our head-bob, duck-face car dance):
(bonus - can you name that artist and song?*  It played on a now-defunct alternative radio station in Boston for about a minute probably 6 or 7 years ago.  Rick dug up the CD a couple of weeks ago, and somehow we knew, word for word)

And trying to be a daredevil on her trike:

I unfortunately don't have any video of this (yet!), but she does this funny dance all.the.time, where she sticks out her little tushy at us, wiggles it around, and sings "shake a bum bum!  shake a bum bum!"  Hi-larious! 

The things I'm going to miss when she stops saying them:

Aurelia: "I a monkey - ooh-ee-ah-ah!"
Me: "You're a monkey?!"
Aurelia: "No, I 'Rea!"

"la you soon!" (combo of "love you" and "see you soon")

"'ere go Dacho!" ("here you go Dashiell", as she hands him things)

The way she says "ma-muh" in the middle of sentences - "I ma-muh take a nap!"  (replacing "am going to", usually.  Also this sentence is usually followed by her lying down on the steps, blocking our way up the stairs)

"Hey eya-body!  I 'Rea!" ("Hey everybody, I'm Aurelia!" - her introduction of herself, which she's been practicing on us for weeks now)

In the same vein, "Hey eya-body, nacktime!" ("Hey everybody, snacktime!" when she decides it's time to have a snack.)

She also likes to announce "Bekfast time!"  "Lunch time!" of "Dinner time!"

"'gen?" ("Again", which she says after every tickle, every wrestle, every bounce, every swing, every upside-down hold...really after anything she finds fun and awesome)

Her laugh.  Oh, it's just the best!  So uninhibited, so full of joy - I could listen to it all day!  Especially when Dashiell is laughing with her.  The way they feed off each other is so much fun!  I'm pretty sure this is what everyone means when they say "you'll miss this time when they're grown up".  Yup, I definitely will!

*She wants Revenge, "Tear you Apart" - in hindsight, not the best song to play for a 2-year-old...

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