Friday, March 13, 2015

"You take a picture of my scome?"

Okay, I saw this comic the other day and it just made me crack up.  I can totally hear Aurelia's voice when I read this, because she is always mispronouncing things, and I cannot bring myself to correct her because it's SO DARN CUTE!!  Of course Dashiell, being the smart big brother that he is, has no problem correcting her!  So at least someone in the family is doing their job.  Otherwise she'll end up like this.

A couple of weeks ago she and I were at Starbucks, enjoying a couple petite vanilla bean scones, and like all smartphone carrying moms I decided it was a perfect time for a few pictures.  I got a cute one of her smiling, then she held up her treat and said, "You take a picture of my scome?"
Aurelia and her "scome"

Back in October when my mom and aunt Diane were visiting, for the life of her Aurelia could not say "Auntie Diane".  So from that point forward, Diane has been known as "Dauntie I-ane" (pronounced "eye-an").  Aunt D now signs all of her correspondence to us as Dauntie Iane.

Dashiell, Aurelia and Dauntie Iane

Aurelia also likes to play with the "magans" (magnets) on the refrigerator.  I often thinks she's saying she wants to play with our friend Meghan, but no, it's magnets.

A couple other phrases:
"I can't want to do that" (she can't do it, or doesn't want to do it, depending on the situation)
"I hope I miss you!" (said as we part, really meaning "I'll miss you", but it's cuter the way she says it!)


On a completely different subject, Aurelia had a total drawing breakthrough on Wednesday!  Up until now, her drawings have been mostly just scribbles, with a few (probably accidental) circles and amorphous blobs thrown in for good measure:
Drawing completed earlier in the day on Wednesday

But then, that afternoon, she started drawing "things".  Things that look like things. It started with this collection of things, which included but was not limited to 2 yellow whales, a banana and a black and brown egg (hey, her drawing, her color choices!):
Her things look like actual things, right?

Side note:  Dashiell decided to "grade" her pictures, and put gold check marks on all of the drawings except one, which he marked "okay".  Helpful!

Then she decided to draw a picture of Rick (well, first she said it was a picture of a doctor "for daddy", but then decided it was daddy):
Daddy!  With a plane flying into his mouth!

Since then she's been drawing all sorts of things!  It's really exciting to see her figure all this out!

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