Monday, November 19, 2007

Belly Picture, as Promised

Finally found time to snap a couple photos of the belly! First is the straight on mug shot. It's obvious I'm pregnant in the photo but from that angle I just look a little chubbier than normal. Then, the Side View. The belly in all its glory! It's definitely getting bigger! :-)

Please excuse the fuzzy photos (and my weird hair--just had it done the day before so it was looking rather flat and flippy). We tried to take the picture in the room with the most light but still it was too dark for a good photo. Ah well.

On another note, we've finally started working on the nursery! Rick moved some furniture upstairs and is working on paint stripping, while I slowly find new homes for all my art supplies and general studio crap. AND I think we've decided on a theme: Aliens.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

1 comment:

Elana said...

tee hee hee.

you're *fat*.

in a good way. :)