Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tough week to be pregnant!

As if the super-painful UTI wasn't enough, on Monday I came down with a nasty cold as well! And let me tell you, getting a cold when your pregnant is no picnic! What could I take to make me feel better? Robitussen, the plain variety, which does NOTHING. And I could use Luden's cough drops, which also do NOTHING. I am allowed Benedryl but only take one right before bed to help me sleep through the congestion--since it's aimed at allergies and not colds it essentially does nothing but knock me out.

So I tried a couple non-traditional cures. First on Monday night was the Nasal Rinse. Be warned, this is totally gross! Essentially you lean over the sink and squirt a steady stream of water up one nostril--it rinses out your sinus cavity and streams out the other nostril. Many people rave about it and claim that it works wonders. For me, it was traumatic and horrible and made me throw up. I should have guessed that I wouldn't enjoy this since I find getting water up my nose to be one of the worst feelings in the world and one of the chief reasons I don't swim more often, but I thought if it was under controlled circumstances I'd feel better about it. Nope. Granted, I did breathe a little better afterwards but it really wasn't worth it. I'd rather be congested.

Then I tried going to my acupuncturist on Tuesday to see what she could do for me. Tuesday was really the worst day of the cold. So for nearly an hour and a half I laid on my side with needles sticking out everywhere, and while normally I barely feel the needles, something about being sick made me painfully aware of each one. After about 45 minutes I got really fidgety and wanted to be done, but was stuck there. It was possibly the worst appointment I've ever had. But once again, it did make me breathe better and feel less crummy for the rest of the night.

Still feeling a little sickly today but I'm definitely on the mend.

Hope you all are doing better than I am this week, and I promise a new picture of the ever-growing belly will be posted soon!

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