Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What not to wear?

I discovered yesterday that Baby Webson has a very distinct fashion sense. I was wearing a newish pair of pants to work and our boy did not like them at all! Of course it could be that the waist band was squishing his head (assuming he's still head-down). I swear when I purchased these pants 2 weeks ago they fit just fine, but by yesterday they were feeling a little binding--there was definitely a bit of pressure on my lower abdomen most of the day. Well the little guy was NOT happy with this at all! He spend the whole day kicking the heck out of me, hard enough that I could see my belly move with each jab. Which in it's own way is kind of cool but really not so comfortable. Thankfully he calmed down after I got home and changed into my yoga pants. Today he's back to a normal level of movement. Whew!

Only a week and a day left of my classes, then I get to take a sabbatical from coursework for a while. Not exactly sure when I'll go back--at the earliest next fall, but it will more likely be at least a year if not more. I am excited to be done for the semester, though I don't know how I'll get everything done for my classes in the next week. I feel like I'm at least a week behind in my computer rendering class and who knows if I'll catch up before I have to hand in my design (a restaurant--you'd think that would be easy for me given the number of years I worked in my parents' restaurants!). Ah well, it'll all get done somehow!

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Elana said...

i'm going to think of him as jujutsu hanson, you know.

one size fits all pants, indeed!